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Business Strategiest

Diamond Adams

President & Owner

Diamond is the Owner and lead marketing strategist for ID Asheville. She is all things event- and communications-related, and is your advocate for brand growth.  Diamond will be your main point of contact for all things marketing-focused, including print media, web design, search engine strategy, and more. She will be your rented Marketing Director for, and acts as part of your management team. You focus on what you do best—she’ll do the rest.

She earned a BSBA in Sales and Marketing from Western Carolina University, with emphasis in Economics. For over 12 years, she has fine tuned her expertise in sales, marketing, and brand management.

Diamond is a fully comprehensive marketing professional helping clients pull their full marketing picture into focus: strategy, budget, and content are just the beginning.

She is a momma to four rambunctious, yet incredible children, and a wife to her loving husband. Diamond’s passions include reading, drinking coffee, painting with her kids, and cooking good, southern food with her husband.

Back Office Support

ID Asheville's Collaborators

Marley Howard

Marley is a Partner in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Marley's passion is to help bright ideas flourish in a congested and highly competitive professional world. Where the average Digital Marketing Agency is geared towards the biggest shakers and movers in the market, he wants to help small to medium sized businesses in WNC stay competitive and relevant in the world of digital marketing.

Steven Freedman

Steven Freedman is a preferred partner in photography.

Steven has been been shooting professionally in Asheville, NC for five years. Through his work, he hopes you will see authenticity, timelessness, rich organic color, beautiful light, creative variety and attention to detail. Most of all, he wants to show life and tell your story with his camera. Whether Steven is documenting architecture, people or a landscape, it’s done with an unparalleled passion and beauty.
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Allison Capps

Allison specializes in graphic and web design.

Allison is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She has over 7 years of work experience specific to web design and print media. She is passionate for clients who love what they do, and helps build collateral tailored to your audience.
Heather Tonne Photo

Heather Tonne

Heather is a graphic designer with 12+ years experience.

Heather graduated from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, where she received a B.S. specific to Graphic Design. Her creative niche focuses on small businesses and individuals that like to grow their brand awareness quickly and effectively. She specializes in beautiful, high-quality logo design for ID Asheville.